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Divorce in Canada

Divorce in Canada is your free source for information about getting a divorce in Canada.
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What Pinoys need to know about divorce in Canada
EDMONTON - Divorce is a topic not openly discussed among Filipinos in Canada as it is illegal in the Philippines.
Some same-sex couples 'wed-locked'
Five years after the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in Iowa, a string of lawsuits popping up across the country may determine how some states that don't recognize such unions will deal with the divorce of same-sex couples. The District of Columbia and 17 states recognize the marriage of same-sex couples. But in remaining states, same-sex couples married elsewhere are ...
Prolific musician fell in love with Canada
The Louisiana native moved to Montreal in 1967 to avoid the Vietnam War and began the most productive period of his musical life
Alice Dixson says split-up left her depressed
Actress Alice Dixson admitted that she fell into depression soon after breaking up with her husband of 13 years, businessman Ronnie Miranda, whom she married in Canada. The TV5 talent rued that she lost not just a partner, but also a friend. Read More...
Keystone XL cops incompetent at all levels | John Abraham
US Department of State report on Keystone XL climate impacts displays shocking incompetence Recently, the US State Department released yet another report on the environmental impacts of building the Keystone pipeline. The report is shocking in its ironic juxtaposition of real greenhouse gas emissions and the potential impact on the Earth's climate. It is also shocking because the State ...
Police launch manhunt after man attacks wife, daughter and sets home on fire
Just hours after nurse Sonia Cella appeared to file divorce proceedings in B.C. Supreme Court, police allege her estranged husband set the family home on fire and attacked both Cella and her 14-year-old daughter with a hammer.
READER SUBMITTED: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Chuck Minahan Begins New Service For Couples
The Institute for Divorce Financial AnalystsTM (IDFATM) is pleased to announce that Chuck Minahan of Gateway Financial Partners in Glastonbury, Connecticut recently completed a specialized educational program in professional divorce analysis and is now a Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM (CDFATM).
Around the Seawall: Evander Kane's Winnipeg exile; Ehrhoff's ear; David Stern's Hall induction
Vancouver-born and Giants-raised Kane was a healthy scratch for the Jets on Saturday, and trade rumours now swirl the budding superstar.
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I don't often read too much into statistics, but every once in a while there are certain ones that just seem to stick in my head and pop up when a situation or conversation reminds me of it.
How the world views sex
The Pew Research Centre's Global Views of Morality survey reveals the divergences between western and non-western social attitudes, as well as within regions
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